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Now the impact of your students’ gift can go twice as far! A generous donor is matching school donations up to $50,000 this semester. It’s easy to get started with Read to Feed. Get your class excited about helping families around the world today!

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How Read to Feed Works

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What will your goal be?

Show this video at the beginning of the Read to Feed program to get your students excited about helping others.


The Read to Feed program encourages reading, while heightening students’ awareness that their actions make a difference in the lives of others. As students read more books, they improve their reading abilities and more families receive gifts of livestock and training.

Raise Funds

Children (individually or as a group) get sponsors for each book (or chapter or page) they read during a time frame set by their Read to Feed leader. At the end of the program, the group pools its funds and donates them to Heifer International to help Heifer assist millions of families around the world feed their families and reach self-reliance. Teachers can customize a class fundraising webpage to track progress toward the goal, simplify the fundraising process and share students’ enthusiasm.


Heifer's classroom resources give teachers the resources to educate their students about their world neighbors, hunger, poverty and sustainable development while inspiring students to help Heifer build a better world. Our Global Education Lesson Plans will help you provide your students with knowledge that will help them understand and appreciate the connections between people, their actions and the environment.

Each lesson is flexible, meets national learning standards and helps lead students on the path to active global citizenship.

Materials & Resources

or order the kit for mail delivery.

Success Stories

[...] my kids LOVED participating in this and I am positive this made a huge impact on them, especially after hearing stories that the parents are telling me. [...] This was truly a special program and I look forward to taking part in this next year.

Timothy Reilly, Chicago Kindergarten Teacher