A Fundraising Webpage for Your Class!

To help you collect funds and communicate about your successes, you can create your own fundraising webpage. You can customize it with pictures, share stories about your class and set your goals. You'll find tools to help you communicate via e-mail and social media to recruit team members to help your students raise funds. It only takes a few minutes to get started.

More Fundraising Ideas

Whether students in your school collect $20 or $2000, Read to Feed encourages children to be part of the solution to hunger and poverty. For fundraising ideas, download our Read to Feed Leader's Guide. You'll find great ideas for bringing your school community together to make a better world.

Fall Match

Now the impact of your students’ gift can go twice as far! A generous donor is matching school donations up to $50,000 this semester. It’s easy to get started with Read to Feed. Get your class excited about helping families around the world today!

Double Your Gift
by Fundraising for Heifer