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Project Participants Visit Hong Kong, Share Their Story

On May 20, 2013, He Changlin and his older daughter He Ming, accompanied by Heifer China Senior Program Manager Cheng Peilin, attended Heifer Hong Kong’s Annual Charity Dinner and Wine Charity Auction. They shared their story with donors and others in attendance.

Date: Jun 28, 2013  |  Category: Stories from the Field

Social Entrepreneurs Make Positive Change in U.S. Food Systems

In its Seeds of Change program, Heifer International is using social entrepreneurship to make positive changes in the Appalachia and Arkansas Delta regions of the United States. Heifer's President and CEO Pierre Ferrari shares how social entrepreneurs are empowered to create successful value chains in these communities.

Date: Jun 28, 2013  |  Category: Stories from the Field

Amrita Finds Freedom through Women’s Empowerment Project

Story by Christian DeVries | Freelance Writer | Heifer InternationalPhotos by Russ Powell | Freelance Photographer | Heifer International In the traditionally male dominated Magar ethnic group in Nepal, women stayed inside their homes, cooked,

Date: Jun 27, 2013  |  Category: Stories from the Field