Gift of Trees

Select a donation type, full or share

Your donation of $10 will buy a share of tree seedlings. For every six shares donated, Heifer International can provide tree seedlings to a family in need. Honor someone special with each share you donate.

Trees for Every Season

This tree gift includes seedlings and saplings of trees appropriate to the region. Recipients are educated on nurturing young trees and the importance of reforestation. Each gift of a tree:

  • Provides firewood and fodder
  • Yields nutritious fruits and nuts that improve health
  • Enriches the soil and purifies the air

A family with a small orchard is able to supplement their diet with delicious fruits and vegetables while becoming self-reliant at the same time. Passing on the seedlings enables communities to continue the cycle of sustainability. Your plant a tree gift ensures a healthy, productive future while fighting poverty and hunger.

One of Heifer International's most important promises is to care for the Earth. We believe that, for development to be sustainable, we must help families raise their livestock in harmony with nature. Your tree donation today will help us carry out that mission.

This Gift Provides: