Bountiful Harvest Gift Basket

Only available as a full gift

Better Farms Make Bountiful Harvests

The goal of every Heifer project is to help farm families achieve self-reliance. We provide the training and livestock they need to build integrated farms. This means planting food for the family and fodder for the farm animals; keeping a sustainable operation by using the resources such as animal fertilizer and biogas stoves; and caring for the Earth by improving the soil and environment.

A Bountiful Harvest Gift can help lift a family out of a life of hunger and poverty. With the training provided by Heifer International, families who previously did not have enough to eat will have a steady supply of food, and even be able to sell the surpluses. And with that income, they will finally be able to send their children to school, afford medicine and have a chance at a more secure future.

This Gift Provides: