Crop Increase in the Americas

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Your gift of $15,000 will be matched to help provide 1,000 hives. Your gift of $120 will be matched to help provide eight hives.

Thanks to a generous matching gift opportunity, you can double the impact of your gift this holiday season by supporting a Heifer project in the Americas!

This very special gift offers the unique opportunity to empower small-scale coffee farmers to earn year-round income. With your support, we will help families in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua increase their income. We will also help families diversify their diet, nutrition and revenue by adding honeybees to their farms. They will be able to earn dependable income in the non-coffee selling "thin months."

Your gift will ensure that, as you sit down to drink your morning coffee, you're supporting farmers who are getting a fair wage.

With this offer, your gift of 500 beehives will provide 1,000 hives for poor farmers — a great challenge for your corporation, congregation or civic group. And your contribution of four beehives will provide eight hives for a village. Thanks to our generous Heifer sponsors, every donation you make here will be matched dollar for dollar. Donate now to make the impact of your gift go twice as far.

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