The Gift of Women Empowerment

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Your donation of $100 will buy a share of the training and assistance for women in need. For one hundred shares, Heifer International can provide a full package of training and assistance. Honor someone special with each share you donate to a woman in need.

Empower Women to Change the World

The gift of women’s empowerment is provided through gifts of livestock This gift supplies the tools needed for women to set themselves on a path to prosperity. With your donation, the gift of women's empowerment:

  • Provides training and assistance so women can become self-sufficient
  • Lets mothers afford to send children to school and pay medical bills
  • Helps women find their voice and gives them a sense of dignity

Your Gift of Women's Empowerment will help women in need who have few resources and little self-esteem bring new energy, ideas, jobs and change to their families and communities. If you change a woman's life, she will share her knowledge with her sisters, daughters and friends. She will Pass on the Gift of training and livestock. She will become a force for positive change in her community. And she will, most importantly, find a way to break herself and her family free from hunger and poverty.

Women are often the most vulnerable, and building real skills and social capital can help lift them and their families out of poverty. Keo Keang, Heifer Cambodia director
This Gift Provides: