Women Self-Help Group

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Empower Women to Prosperity

This donation consists of training sessions geared to help women create better lives for themselves and their families. Heifer International's Women's Self-Help Group:

  • Teaches women to read and write, empowering them to take control
  • Gives them livestock and training to increase their sense of self-reliance
  • Reduces their vulnerability to domestic violence and trafficking
  • Encourages women to become business owners

No solution to hunger and poverty can ever take root unless we engage and empower women to propel their families and communities toward prosperity. Through education and encouragement, Heifer is helping women find their voice.

The Heart of Enterprise

Ganga Khanal tells how the encouragement of her women's group gave her the courage and the means to change her family's lives for the better.

Today I am something. I have substance; I have animals; I have crops. My group gave me the inspiration, the idea and the confidence to do all this. Ganga Khanal, Jirouna, Nepal
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