Launch a Small Business

Only available as a full gift

Train Women to Launch Small Businesses

This gift includes training for women in saving money and managing a small business. It also provides them with the startup capital they can use to start their own venture.

Heifer's training on launching a small business:

  • Educates women on how to manage money wisely
  • Enables them to become self-reliant, confident leaders

Many women in the world are at a disadvantage because they haven’t had the training or education. Your gift of a small business changes that by arming them with the knowledge they need to take control of their own lives by starting their own small businesses. Women who can increase their income are not only better able to support their families, but they can become leaders in their communities as well.

Self-Reliant Women of Haiti

Women's groups in Haiti inspire and demonstrate the Cornerstone of Self-Reliance by building their own enterprises.

This Gift Provides: