Gift of Transformation

Only available as a full gift

Transform the Lives of Women and Families

The Gift of Transformation represents change on a truly massive scale. Each Gift includes:

  • Herds of heifers, goats and pigs to provide milk and fertilizer
  • Llamas and sheep to supply wool for warmth and income
  • Flocks of chickens and geese to give eggs and protein
  • A school of fish to provide nutrition and increase wealth through sales
  • Training on animal care and farming techniques

This gift gives women the power to make their once desolate communities to thrive and prosper. Whereas these women were once overlooked by their governments and denied education, they are now making money, caring for the land, making decisions and supporting themselves and their children. They are now respected members of their communities.

Heifer International is helping women break the cycle of poverty, hunger and despair. With your donation, you can help us transform the world by transforming hearts and minds.

This Gift Provides: