Gift of Clean Water

Only available as a full gift

Provide Clean Water for Everyone

This gift is devoted to providing communities with clean, healthy water for daily living. With the gift of clean water, your donation:

  • Helps families install treadle pumps for better access to clean water
  • Teaches communities about managing water resources
  • Improves health by highlighting the importance of proper sanitation

Millions of people around the world still lack access to clean drinking water. In the impoverished communities where Heifer is working, many of the homes lack running water, and some families do not even have a well nearby. Instead, they must spend each day fetching water. This is often a chore left to the children — especially girls — leaving no time for school.

But Heifer has a solution. This is one burden we can help lift together by helping families and communities install irrigation pumps and teaching them the value of water conservation.

This Gift Provides: