Gift of Stoves for a Village

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Your donation of $50 will buy one biogas stove for a family. Twenty shares of $50 will provide enough stoves for a village. Honor someone special with each share you donate.

Cook Up Healthy Solutions with Biogas Stoves

This gift allows you to purchase a biogas stove for one of our project families, or you can show your generosity by buying 20 stoves — enough for an entire village.

Your gift of a biogas stove:

  • Trains families in using biogas equipment
  • Provides a cleaner, healthier living environment

For most families in the places where Heifer International works, cooking usually means gathering firewood by hand, which often depletes the soil and robs the environment of its trees. In addition, smoke inhalation in poorly ventilated homes often leads to chronic lung and eye diseases.

A biogas stove is a better option. It runs off methane gas captured from animal waste, and burns cleanly, reliably and efficiently. This is not only better for the environment, it is more sustainable and healthier for families feeding their children.

This Gift Provides: