Gift of a Knitters Basket

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Your gift of $48, combined with 9 other shares can provide a Knitters Gift Basket to someone in need.

Keep Families Warm with a Knitters' Basket

Heifer International's Knitter's Gift Basket includes a llama, an alpaca, a sheep and an Angora rabbit. Your gift for knitters also ensures families are instructed on how to properly feed and care for the animals.

Each Knitter's Gift Basket:

  • Nourishes families with milk from the llama and sheep
  • Keeps families warm with wool that can be made into sweaters and scarves
  • Provides a source of income from the sale of clothing and blankets made from the wool

These four animals included in the knitting basket provide families with ample wool for warmth, as well as a source of income. Your donation of a Knitter's Gift Basket represents an opportunity for a better life.

This Gift Provides: