Cheeses of the World Gift Basket

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Your gift of $90, combined with 10 other shares can provide a Cheeses of the World Gift Basket to someone in need.

Dairy Animals Provide Cheeses of the World

The Cheeses of the World Gift Basket is made up of four milk-producing animals: a goat, a sheep, a water buffalo and a heifer. Families will also receive training on the animals' care.

Each Cheeses of the World gift basket:

  • Provides an abundance of milk to make cheese, butter and yogurt
  • Increases wealth by providing dairy products that can be sold

Farmers around the world use the milk from these animals to make mozzarella, feta and hundreds of other cheese varieties. Not only does it lift families out of hunger and poverty by having them sell the cheese — it also makes the perfect gift for the cheese lover in your life.

This Gift Provides: