Gift of a Milk Menagerie

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Your gift of $100, combined with 9 other shares can provide a full Milk Menagerie to someone in need.

Help End Hunger with a Milk Menagerie

The gift of a milk menagerie includes four milk-producing animals: two goats, a water buffalo and a quality-breed heifer. Families will also receive training on the animals' care. Your donation of a milk menagerie:

  • Provides an abundance of milk to improve both nutrition and income
  • Enriches crops with fertilizer, producing better yields
  • Sustains farming by providing livestock to work the land
  • Improves the lives of families for generations by Passing on the Gift

Gallon after gallon of precious milk will provide nourishment for hungry families. Extra milk can be sold, and the money allows families to afford health care and education for those who previously had no access to them. And as the families Pass on the Gift to others in need, this generous gift will provide a better life for generations to come.

This Gift Provides: