Community Animal Health Worker Kit

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Your gift of $20, combined with 9 other shares can provide a Community Animal Health Worker Kit to someone in need.

Community Animal Health Workers Kit Provides Training

This kit includes tools such as thermometers, stethoscopes, hoof trimmers, gloves, disinfectants, medicine for animals and more. It also trains participants in properly caring for gift animals.

The Community Animal Health Workers Kit:

  • Provides training in animal health, husbandry, breeding and nutrition
  • Improves community health by encouraging proper sanitation
  • Promotes self-reliance by teaching vital skills that can be used in a career

Animals need food, shelter and medical care just like we do, but in many countries, access to veterinary care is limited. That's why Heifer International trains individuals to become Community Animal Health Workers. Those who participate and learn the skills offered by this gift become empowered to apply those skills to the benefit of their communities.

You can empower a person struggling with poverty by giving them a viable skill that they can turn into a career. Your gift makes it possible.

This Gift Provides: